Restoration Update

Hidden behind the giant green screen, restoration work on the front of the church is on schedule and within budget. The work began at the finial atop steeple and has progressed downward past the spire, lantern, and belfry to the clock tower. Nineteen layers of paint on the clock tower are now being removed, surfaces sanded, nail heads set in and puttied, cracks filled with caulking, and a couple of rotting clapboards replaced. A primer coat and two finish coats will then be applied. The same process will be followed for the front portico and other front-facing surfaces.

As I think everyone is aware, the lead-coated copper sheathing on the spire held paint very poorly. All the paint on this metal sheathing has been removed and the spire will not be repainted. The Historic Districts Commission approved leaving it unpainted. The original spire was made entirely of wood and leaked badly. When it was replaced in 2003, the metal sheathing was installed to solve the problem of leaks, but painting it turned out to be a mistake. So, the spire will now be the color of the lead-coated copper (i.e., grey), but will continue to be topped with a gold finial and weathervane. The rest of the steeple and church will remain white except for the front entry that will remain black.

The restoration of the steeple, clock tower, front portico, and other front-facing surfaces are expected to be completed by the end of the first week in August. The east, exterior side of Parish Hall will also be painted by then. It is possible, although not certain, that additional exterior work will be done this fall. This is a possibility due to a successful Phase I of the Capital Campaign. Thanks to everyone who was able to make a contribution and to the Capital Campaign Team led by David Bovet.

Dave Pollack, Chairperson

Building & Grounds Committee