Voices on the Green

Got a Great Protest Story?

This year’s first “Voices on the Green” event, on Saturday, October 28, will focus on songs, speeches, and stories of protest. If you have a compelling personal story of protest, we want to hear it! We already have a great line-up of local speakers and storytellers, and Nick Page, a great UU music director and prophet who grew up in First Parish, will lead us in singing classic protest songs old and new.

But we have a problem. Most of our present storytellers will be telling stories about their participation in protests that are relatively public – even national. We would like to have at least one storyteller who focuses on a protest that is intimate, private, familial, e.g., a story about a child’s protest within a family, a classroom protest at school, an elder’s protest against family wishes, etc. As usual, we are looking for stories that enlighten and enliven the evening’s theme from different perspectives – moving us to tears, to laughter, to thinking.

If you think you have such a story, email David Rose.  If it fits in the evening, we will work with you to help shape the story as one of the next Voices on the Green.

“Voices on the Green” is a series of programs introduced last year for the congregation and our surrounding community to address critical issues in our individual and communal lives from multiple perspectives, in multiple media, borrowing from models such as Ted Talks and Moth Stories, with the addition of music and a time for refreshment and conversation. We hope that all First Parish folks will put this date, Saturday, October 28, on your calendars and unite in fellowship and outreach.