Sunday Service

As we try to turn towards the good, the true, and the beautiful, we must be aware of all that exists in our world and in ourselves that may be the opposite of what we seek.  We have endured wrongs, and we have perpetuated them as well. In this complex world, when is it time to move from anger to forgiveness? 

This Sunday the sanctuary choir will sing the thrilling Soweto Gospel Choir’s African arrangement of “Khumbaya” with djembe accompaniment by Regie O’Hare Gibson. For the anthem, they will sing Richard Farrant’s lovely Renaissance a cappella piece “Lord, for thy Tender Mercy’s Sake.” Elizabeth Walsh and Julia Jaffe will sing “Shabbot Shalom,” an original composition by Rip Jackson. Felix Mendelssohn’s “Praeludium in G Major” and Johann Pachelbel’s “Fuga in C Major” will be played for the centering music and postlude.


Click here to listen to last week’s sermon by Rev. Anne Mason, “Being Human is a Guesthouse.”