Minuteman Indivisible

Minuteman Indivisible takes great pride in having helped to sink the latest Senate’s downward spiral toward undermining what’s left of the healthcare system in the US. But Senator McConnell’s effort may be delayed for a week or a month or two, but he says that they are not finished yet.

We have collaborated with the Harvard Medicine Indivisible group to offer a forum, Healthcare in America: What’s Next? this coming Monday, October 2nd right here in our sanctuary. We have three experts on various aspects of the healthcare question to be part of a panel and then take your questions.  What is possible as a next step? What is required for a viable US healthcare system that isn’t already in place with the Affordable Care Act? Although we did not know what the disposition of the latest Senate Repeal & Replace bill was going to be at the time that this forum was planned, the failure of the Graham-Cassidy proposal clears the decks for a very constructive discussion Monday evening.

Please join us.  You can RSVP (free) here so we can plan for the right number of people. Contact Pete Tasker for more information.