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The Social Action Ministry (SAM) at First Parish comes from our Unitarian Universalist faith based on the values of love, justice, community and responsibility. We do this within the supportive environment of our broader church community and the mission of First Parish “…to act on our values to serve the larger community and create a more just and loving world.”
 Minuteman Indivisible
Trump Tax “Reform”
Details of the current House Republican tax “reform” bill have been released. This reform ought to more accurately be called the Trump Tax Scam because it steals money from the poor to support huge tax reductions for the ultra-rich and for multi-national corporations. About $1.5 trillion will be added to the national deficit over the next decade as a result of a number of proposed tax code changes that benefit only the ultra-rich. While it may appear that the poor and middle class get tax cuts as well, these cuts will be negated by the the cutbacks in funding for Medicare and Medicaid (and possibly Social Security) that will be necessitated to mitigate this huge giveaway to the billionaires.
For more information on this disastrous bill, refer to the considerable detail and possible actions provided in this week’s Minuteman Indivisible Muster.
Please call your US Representative and Senators this week to tell them that you support their commitments to fight this tax scam. They share our values on this issue, but they need to hear from you. Contact Pete Tasker for more info.
UU Ministry for Earth
Dear friend,

As the days get shorter and the nights get longer—as the UN climate talks begin this week with the USA as the only nation in the world uncommitted—turn to the strength and warmth of community to find light and grounding in these times. This month’s E-News highlights courageous and steadfast UU climate action, new opportunities for community building and organizing, and a call to “reconsider” Thanksgiving. Thank you for reading and being a part of the Unitarian Universalist Ministry for Earth.


UU Valve Turner Leonard Higgins Faces Trial

On October 11, 2016, UU Leonard Higgins joined four other activists in a direct action to close the safety valves on all five pipelines bringing tar sands into the U.S. from Canada. For almost a full day, 15% of the country’s daily oil supply was halted. On November 21, Leonard will argue in court why his action was morally necessary. He is facing a possible sentence of decades in prison and tens of thousands of dollars in fines. Listen to Leonard explain how and why he took action, and follow the live blog of the trial online.


Save the Clean Power Plan

Last month Trump-appointed EPA director Scott Pruitt signed a measure to repeal the Clean Power Plan, the United States’ first-ever rule to limit the carbon pollution of power plants. But the EPA is required to accept public comments. Take action now: submit a comment and send a message to Scott Pruitt. There is also a public hearing scheduled for November 28-29 in Charleston, WV. As people of faith and conscience, we are morally called to fight the repeal of the Clean Power Plan.


Major Website Innovations Coming Soon! 

UUMFE is thrilled to announce an overhaul of the entire UUMFE website and a collaboration with the UUA on the development of an online platform for climate and environmental justice activists to network, organize, and covenant together! Get a sneak peek on November 16 via a webinar with Aly Tharp, UUMFE Program Director. RSVP now and learn how you and your congregation or group can utilize this exciting new resource!


“Thanksgiving Day Reconsidered”

At the 2016 UUA General Assembly, a business resolution was passed calling on UUs to engage in education, reflection, and healing during 2016–2021, leading up to the 400th anniversary of the arrival of European colonizers in New England.

This Thanksgiving season, learn about the role UUs played in starting the holiday, enter into dialogue and partnership with Indigenous peoples, and follow the lead of Indigenous environmental activists. One great opportunity: RSVP for this month’s environmental justice webinar with Kandi Mossett, Indigenous Environmental Network lead organizer.

Photo of Kandi Mossett by Emily Arasim, courtesy of EcoWatch.

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