A Successful Great Fall Auction

Last Saturday night’s Great Fall Auction was a rousing success, with lots of laughs and good company, plus we raised $24,000 for the church. I want to thank the many people who made this evening possible:

– Auctioneers: Chris Hess, Deb Weiner, David Rose
– Silent auction team: Toni Tasker (Lead), Liz Hartmann, Mary Knuth, Barry Kingsbury, Sarah Matthews
– Bid recorders: Margie Gibbons (Lead), Mary Brinton, Paul Brouillette
– Check in/out and bid entry: Pete Tasker (Lead), Bob Kvaal, Dick Fleiss, Richard Jobling, Bob Gibbons, Tom Wanderer
– Proxy bidders: Marianne DiBlasi, Anne Khudari
– Runners: Deb Lapides, Dave Pollack
– Food and beverage: Marty Kvaal, Jane Eckert, Judy Cole, Brenda Prusak, Larry Prusak
– People who donated items — lots of you! Thank you!
– Everybody who attended and purchased items! Thank you!

Finally, I want to thank the Katie Camire and the Senior High Youth Group, who donated several items to the auction. Half of the proceeds from these items went toward funding their service trip to South Dakota.

Tom Rich (Auction Chair)