Voices on the Green

Voices on the Green, the community outreach program for First Parish that was created last fall, has now completed its first year with three programs: “Breakthrough” and “Balancing-on-the-Hyphen” last spring, and “I Protest!” on October 28.

We are pleased to be able to give a $1000 donation to the church for this year, in addition to the donations we have given our community partners for each event: Lexington Council for the Arts, Lexington Youth and Family Services, and Communities for Restorative Justice.

We are grateful to the board and the congregation for their enthusiastic support of the program, to all the speakers and musicians who participated, to Bill Pittore for sound and Ben Juitt for stage management, to Ben Soule and Munroe Saturday Nights for the loan of stage and lighting equipment, and to our audience.

VOG Committee: David Rose, chair, Laura Juitt, Anne Khudari, Deb Lapides, Regie O’Hare Gibson, Helen Cohen. <voicesonthegreen@fplex.org>