Stewardship Pledge Drive 2018

The Pledge Drive this year will be a continuation of celebrating the heritage of our congregation and recognizing the role we all have in building toward an inspiring future. The Imagination Café events led by the Board are an opportunity for everyone to embrace the potential of our community and provide guidance in making plans for the years ahead. In the upcoming weeks, information about the pledge drive will be distributed and will show how important it is for us all to feel that we are united in supporting the financial needs of the church. Support through your annual pledge is a vitally important way to demonstrate your commitment to First Parish.

What is the Pledge Drive?

The time of year when we make our financial pledges to the church to support the programs and mission of First Parish.

Why it’s important.

Did you know that over 65% of our budget comes from our annual Pledge Drive? Our pledges enable us to build the church we want.

Who Participates?

You do! All members and friends contribute.

When is it?

There will be several events promoting and discussing the Stewardship goals and engaging with you in conversation. On Sunday, March 18th, we will have our annual Celebration Sunday, and in April we will end the Pledge Drive with an event.

How do I pledge?

Pledge cards will be mailed to you in early February. On Celebration Sunday, March 18th, bring your card to church or pledge online <see>

Who is driving the Stewardship Pledge Drive this year?

The Stewardship Planning Team members are:  Bob Coyne, Marsha Fox, Katie O’Hare Gibson, Elisabeth Jas, Erik Svenson, and Tom Rich.  Send Questions or Comments to