Voices on the Green Draws Huge Crowd

   Our popular community outreach series, Voices on the Green, drew 212 people to First Parish on Friday night, the biggest audience for the series so far. The evening included personal storytelling, art, music, and a neuroscience talk all about “Modern Love.” Among the highlights were two contrasting stories about getting to yes: one that took 18 years (by Katherine Rose), and one that took only a minute (by Marshall Wilensky). Another highlight was the dual (duel?) re-tellings of their first date by Katie and Regie O’Hare Gibson. Chris Hess hooked the crowd with a surprising love story from the Margaree River in Nova Scotia. And the show-stopper featured Al Jacobson’s love story to all of us, including a new scale for measuring that love. Love songs by Don White, and a lively explanation of love from a neuroscientist filled the evening to the brim with our best Voices yet.

Next Voices coming in April: But tempt us with your story now!  If you have a great story to tell, or a theme we should explore, catch Deb Lapides, Helen Cohen, Regie O’Hare Gibson, Anne Khudari, Lee Brami, Laura Juitt, or David Rose.