Jun 12, 2016
10:30 am - 11:30 am

Bring a flower to church for this festive all-ages service as we celebrate the tradition of Flower Communion, hear a reflection from Jenny on her last Sunday in the pulpit, celebrate our community, and enjoy fabulous music.

The sanctuary choir will sing Tom Fettke’s “Holy,” which is a lyrical arrangement of an aria by Caccini. They will also sing John Leavitt’s rousing “Festival Sanctus.” Guest instrumentalists (son and father) Greg Gettel (trumpet) and Court Gettel (flute) will play movements from Telemann’s Sonata de Concert in D Major for the Centering music, offertory and postlude.

Today will be an All Ages service. All are welcome to stay in the sanctuary.

Rev. Jenny Rankin and Lisa Maria Steinberg, Worship Leaders
Service Audio