Apr 2, 2017
10:30 am - 11:30 am
First Parish in Lexington

Our annual Youth Service Sunday crafted by our talented and imaginative Senior High Youth Group promises to be “curiouser and curiouser”.  Come along as the youth guide us on a vibrant and thought-provoking exploration of the transformative powers of taking risks.

trebleclefMembers of the Senior High Youth Group will provide the music during worship. They will all sing the very moving song “Audition” (from La La Land), with soloists Jordan O’Hare Gibson, Liz Whitman-Kinghorn and Pieter Svensen. For the offertory, Liz Whitman-Kinghorn, Jeremy Whitman-Kinghorn and Jordan O’Hare Gibson will sing Stephen Sondheim’s beautiful song “Giants in the Sky” (from Into the Woods). Liz Whitman-Kinghorn will sing Shakira’s energetic song “Try Everything” (from Zootopia). Pieter Svensen (piano), Jordan O’Hare Gibson (bass clarinet), Aidan Fox (percussion) and Ben Juitt (electric guitar) will play Johnny Mercer’s lyrical jazz piece “Autumn Leaves” during the lighting of the candles. For the centering music, pianist Pieter Svenson will play J. S. Bach’s lovely “Prelude in C Major” (from The Well-Tempered Clavier). And for the postlude, Ben Juitt (electric guitar), Jordan O’Hare Gibson (percussion) and Aidan Fox (percussion) will do a rock improvisation.