Jun 5, 2016
10:30 am - 11:30 am

Rev. Jenny Rankin will talk on this topic that Jim Gross chose when he generously purchased an “auction sermon” at the grand Fall Auction last November. It is a great topic and, to be honest, one that Rev. Jenny has found a bit daunting at times in the past. She’ll tell you why on Sunday!  

“We may not consciously think about it, but all our life we are receiving legacies and also leaving a legacy of our own. What is it that we are given by our parents and families? I’m not thinking here so much about material things, though that may be part of it. But what stories, values, affection, gifts of courage or kindness or meaning have we received from others who went before us?

What kind of legacy do we receive from our own country, from the wider Western cultural tradition, and from non-Western traditions? We receive legacies in art and music, in intellect and poetry, in leadership, politics, economics, science. And we shape and leave legacies of our own. Meg Newhouse, First Parish member, has spent years researching and writing on the subject of legacy and she’ll be sharing the pulpit with me on Sunday to offer her own reflections. I hope you will join us!”

Guest soloist Taylor Ampatiellos will sing Paul McCartney’s “Let it Be” and Loyland and Graham’s “You Raise me Up.” He will be joined by the Sanctuary Choir with instrumentalists Erik Svenson (horn) and Mark Therieau (guitar). For the introit, Sara Dillon and Elizabeth Walsh will sing Stephen Schwartz’s “For Good” (from Wicked). Bach’s “Prelude and Fugue in G Major” and Mozart’s “Andante” (from Sonata in Bᵇ Major, K. 333) will be played for the centering music and postlude.

Rev. Jenny Rankin, Worship Leader
Service Audio

“You Raise Me Up,” by Loyland and Graham