May 24, 2020
10:30 am - 11:30 am

Everyday Courage

Our medical professionals are heading to work everyday to fight for our lives.  As we have celebrated and thanked our soldiers, so now we must do the same for the courageous people who risk their own health for the sake of others. As a nation, we are profoundly grateful for all who work towards the health and safety of others. And yet we know they are suffering great moral injury. Today we will hold them all in love.  Preaching today is Rev. Anne Mason


Be sure to stay for our virtual coffee hour, when you will be able to talk in small virtual groups in our zoom worship space.

There are three ways to enjoy worship this Sunday:

1. You can call in from any landline or mobile phone and listen to worship over the phone. 

2. You can watch worship through our live video stream on YouTube.

Click here to watch on YouTube

3. You can join worship through the Zoom video conference platform. For people who join on Zoom, you will also be able to connect with others in small groups in a virtual “break out room”. Families with children are encouraged to use the Zoom platform for the Time for Families.

To obtain the zoom link please send a request to the Parish Administrator at