Apr 19, 2020
7:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Seeking Peace in Action
Led by Harvard Divinity School student, Shumo Wang (王舒墨)
Confucianism believes that each individual inherits the perfect good nature from Heaven. To return to this true nature is the Heavenly mandate for all human beings.  Ritual is the action we take when the transcendent is working through us. Confucius said, “Once you overcome yourself and return to ritual, the world will then come back to benevolence.”
Alone or interacting with others, we may find peace in the unceasing contemplation on the warmth and dignity in our nature.

Shumo Wang is a M. Div. student at Harvard Divinity School. He was born and raised in China and moved to Cambridge in 2017. He is a practitioner and minister of Confucianism and a young scholar of East Asian religions. Shumo aspires to serve the Chinese community and broader groups in the US with resources from the Confucian spirituality.

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2. You can watch the service through our live video stream on YouTube.

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