Nov 17, 2019
10:30 am - 11:30 am

Where your Attention is, there your Heart will be also

Our attention is pulled in so many directions every day, it is a wonder we are able to get anything accomplished. How does what you pay attention to reflect your values? How does who you pay attention to reflect what is in your heart? Preaching today is Rev. Anne.

Enjoy the Sermon

Music for this Sunday

On Sunday, the sanctuary choir will sing John Rutter’s ethereal “A Gaelic Blessing” and the South African freedom song “Khutso” (”peace”) with soloists Elisabeth Jas and Toni Tasker. David Meharry will sing the serene sacred song “The Heart Worships.” For the centering music and postlude, French horn player Erik Sevenson, accompanied by Rip Jackson on piano, will play Antonio Vivaldi’s lyrical “Largo” and Ludwig Van Beethoven’s energetic “Scherzo” (from Septet in Eb Major, Op. 20).