Speaker: Rev. Jenny Rankin

Reflections on Legacy

Rev. Jenny Rankin will talk on this topic that Jim Gross chose when he generously purchased an “auction sermon” at the grand Fall Auction last November. It is a great topic and, to be honest, one that Rev. Jenny has … Read the rest

Whisper of Spring

Solstice On this Sunday near the official beginning of spring, we’ll consider wisdom from earth-centered traditions as we celebrate the Spring Equinox. For Henry David Thoreau, it wasn’t truly spring until the ice began to break up in Walden Pond. What … Read the rest

Celebration Sunday

We come together as a community to celebrate YOU, the congregation of First Parish in Lexington, as you conclude your annual canvass and make your individual and collective commitments to keep this church strong. Each time we walk into a … Read the rest

Losing Touch with the Sacred

GiftofSea Despite our best intentions, there are seasons in our lives when we become less grounded, less centered and less rooted in the practices of body, mind and spirit that can help us. What happens when we lose touch with the … Read the rest

Pilgrimage and Lent

In religious traditions around the world, pilgrimage has been a spiritual practice for thousands of years. Atheists, agnostics and humanists make pilgrimages too. On this Sunday when our sisters and brothers in the Christian tradition observe the first Sunday of … Read the rest

Getting in the Flow

YinYang We’ll celebrate Mozart’s birthday, Superbowl Sunday, our youth and the ancient Chinese wisdom of Taoism! What have we learned about the confluence of modern neuroscience and ancient Chinese philosophy? How can these two disciplines help us to reach that “sweet … Read the rest

Spiritual Autobiography

In this year when we celebrate the 100th anniversary of Thomas Merton’s birth, we will consider the life and times of this 20th century mystic, one who combined a love of Christianity with a deep respect knowledge of Eastern traditions. … Read the rest

Great Expectations

On this Sunday, when the Search Commitee begins their ʺquiet phase,ʺ we will offer them a blessing and commission them on their way. Jenny will reflect on our human propensity towards ʺgreat expectationsʺ for a new minister, for one another, … Read the rest