The Social Action Ministry at First Parish was one of the original founders of the Lexington Interfaith Food Pantry in 1990. This essential program is housed in the basement of the Church of Our  Redeemer. There are now more than 70 families who come to the Food Pantry on Saturday morning. All of the staff are unpaid volunteers, including Carolyn Wortman the coordinator who skillfully directs the entire operation.

Fresh produce, in season, has been  a mainstay part of the offerings of the Pantry. The fresh produce  is donated each week by the Interfaith Community Garden, unclaimed CSA  produce from two local farms and overflow from the Boston area Gleaners. During the fall and winter, fresh items need to be purchased with funds donated by the community. In addition, whatever food items  are not  donated in kind need to be purchased in bulk. Financial donations  from Lexington’s community members are very much needed as well as the ongoing donations of non perishable food items. We encourage our First Parish members to continue to give generously in both  these areas.

Our food collection bin is located just outside the administrative office at First Parish. In the office there is an envelope for financial donations for the Pantry.

Once a year, our Social Action Ministry donates  the “Sunday  Offertory  Plate” to the Pantry. This year the collection will take place on a particular Sunday in March in conjunction with our annual Personal Care Items Drive. This drive will  go on throughout the entire month of March. Soaps, shampoos, dental care products, lotions and the like are items requested. These items  are not covered by the Federal Food Stamp programs, and are most welcomed by the Pantry shoppers

Our Annual Day of Service each June offers an opportunity for a team of volunteers from First Parish to spend a Saturday morning actually working at the Pantry to experience a typical Saturday shopping day.

Lynne Yansen is the Social Action Ministry liaison to the Food Pantry and welcomes anyone interested to participate by helping on a regular basis or occasionally as  time can be in touch with Lynne.